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SuperShopper Starts Here

October 3, 2012
Have you ever been in the supermarket for hours searching for one item
that seems to be hiding in the store? Have you ever wanted to carry
your coupons with you everywhere you go?We are creating an application to help you shop faster and save money.
The application is designed for Smartphones and will use barcode
scanning as well as GPS. SuperShopper is the beta name of the project.
The project is looking forward to launch soon.

Here is how it works. Users will aggregate a shopping list. Then users
will choose what store they are in based on their location. The
application will then provide the location of the items in order for
the user to travel through the store to collect all of the items on
their shopping list in the fastest time. Along with the map, the
application will also search databases for coupons and provide the
user with those coupons.

The location of the items will be provided by other users of the
application. In order to encourage people to provide the location of
the items the application will be based on a points system. When users
are shopping and they post a picture and a GPS location of the item
they will receive points. Points will be used to buy coupons and other
discounts for shopping.

If you would like to sign up for the beta please send email to with the subject SUPERSHOPPER

Early Registrations will receive immediate points for coupons!

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